Nordland - Norway

About Velfjord

The name Velfjord is a collective term for several communities with connections to the village Hommelstø.

Velfjorden with sidefjords


Velfjord is located south in Nordland County, on Norway's geographical center line. Hommelstø is located 33 km from the municipal center Brønnøysund, with its 4500 inhabitants and the famous mountain Torghatten.

On the 60 km road from RV17 to E6, you travel through these small villages: Salbu - Sæterlandet - Hommelstø - Strøm - Sausvatn - Vassbygda - Barstad and Tosbotn. This road has several sidetrips (Hilstad - Hegge - Hongset - Nevernes - Langfjord and Lande.)

Previously there have been shops, schools and post offices in most of these places, but today these facilities / services are all centralized to Hommelstø.



Although Velfjord is a sparsely populated area, it's also a very strong rural community. The region has relatively many jobs in solid businesses. From being threatened by depopulation, Velfjord is today a thriving rural community. Population figure is rising, which is not common in northern Norway.

Velfjord has approx. 1000 inhabitants, where about 400 lives in Hommelstø. Velfjord has a safe childhood environment and an active life in culture and sports, which is reflected in the many clubs and associations.


The fjord Velfjord

There is evidence to suggest that an old name for Velfjord is "Harm". Harm is also mentioned in old Norse mythology. In Magnus Barefoot's saga there is told about when Steigar-Tore was captured in "Harmfjorden".

Velfjorden has 7 sidefjords. These smaller fjords are now mostly abandoned, but old buildings and schools stands still, and bear witness of earlier times.

The fjord "Storbørja" is Brønnøy municipality's entrance to Lomsdal/Visten National Park.



Contrary to so many other rural communities, Velfjord is a place in growth. Much because of the fact that the largest deposits of limestone in Northern Europe is here. And when this mass is of very high quality as well, conditions are set for many years to come.

Besides limestone production, and traditional industries such as agriculture and forestry, other businesses like construction, aquaculture, tourism, and service- industries have been initiated. This has given positive effects to excisting businesses, and provided the area with new jobs and an increase in population.

Hilstad school


Velfjord centre for education/childhood was completed in 2007, and consists of school, library, kindergarten and SFO (after school activities). Many pupils at Velfjord education centre are also students at the local music school, which also use the same buildings.

Crime is virtually non-excistent in Velfjord, and all educational bulidings are situated in a safe environment with easy access to nature, sports facilities, swimming pool and a well equipped professional stage.

Kunst, kultur og idrett

Arts and sports

Velfjord has a long tradition for music, and is in a leage of its own when it comes to preserving the musical heritage. Many kids are also students at the local art/music school. The music scene today spans from choirs and folk, to country and hard rock'n' roll. Both the comedy/theatre group "Velfjordrevyen" and "Velfjord Accordion club" are well known. For years they have been collecting prizes at both northern and national festivals.

At Nevernes Havn you find the Art Gallery. During the summer season, the gallery have sales, presentations and exhibitions of different painters, sculptures, textiles, glass, pottery, etc.

Today, there many varied sport activities in Velfjord. Hilstad Sports Club, who in addition to administering the "School of Sports", have built one of Northern Norway's most compact sports facililties. In close proximity to each other are football fields, ski trails, ski jumps and a snowboarding slope with lift.

In the same area is the Community Center "Gimle" with indoor sports hall and swimming pool.