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Boats, canoes and kayaks for rent

The Velfjord area is made ​​for boats, kayaks or canoes. There are hundreds of lakes and three major fjords, with many side fjords. See also Fishing in Velfjord, Norway and Nature Adventures.

Velfjorden - boats and kayaks

Boats and kayaks for rent

At Velfjorden with its 7 sidefjords you can experience sea fishing in exciting environments, or head into Lomsdal-Visten National Park from the sidefjord Storbørja. For boat and kayak rentals at Velfjorden contact:

Velfjordferie (Boats) Fjordholt Feriehus (Boats, kayaks)

Sausvatn - Canoes and boat

Canoe rental at Sausvatn

The Saus watershed is a wonderful area for canoeing. By Mjosundet in lower parts of Sausvatnet you can rent both canoes and a boat at our students enterprise at Hilstad school. There are six canoes and one boat. The area is also equipped with a Sami tent, outdoor toilet and a shelter that can be used. (At the time you can only order during school hours.)

Hilstad School
Tlf: (+47) 750 12140

Vassbygda - Boats

Boat rentals at Vassbygda

Vassbygda is a natural gem in the Velfjord area at Helgeland. Vassbygda Hunting and Fishing Accociation has two boats. One with an outboard engine at the lake Storvatnet and one boat without an outboard motor at Strauman.

Ellinor Sørenskog
Tlf: (+47) 90 07 55 50

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