Nordland - Norway

Excursions and daytrips

Velfjord is an excellent starting point for excursions, day trips and family outings. Visit the National Park, famous landmarks and the World Heritage Area. (See also hiking in Velfjord, Norway.)


Photo: Sør-Helgeland Opplevelser

With it's 160 meter long and 35 meter high natural tunnel, the famous landmark Torghatten is one of nature's most peculiar wonders.

According to legend, the hole was made by the troll Hestmannen while he was chasing the beautiful girl Lekamøya. As the troll realised he would not get the girl, he shot an arrow to kill her, but the troll-king of Sømna threw his hat into the arrow's path to save her. The hat turned into the mountain with a hole in the middle.

From Hommelstø it's about 1 hour drive to Torget and to the foot of the mountain. From here you can walk a path up to the tunnel.

Vega Archipalago World Heritage Site

Vegaøyan Verdensarv
Photo from website

We recommend a trip to the island kingdom of Vega that encompasses 6000 islands, holms, and skerries and is the largest concentration of islands in Norway.

Vega is a kingdom of contrasts - with maritime islands, high mountains, wetlands, and rich bird, plant, and mammal populations.

From Hommelstø it's about 30 minutes drive to the ferry, and app. 45 minutes with the ferry to Vega. Website

Namsskogan Family Park

Rebella Hex - Namskogan Familiepark
Rebella Hex. (Photo from website)

Visit the zoo and try the many activities at Namsskogan Family Park at Trones. A popular destination for the locals. Here you can also see the family show "Rebella Hex" - An amazing illusion theater packed with music, dance, laughter and magic tricks.

From Hommelstø it takes app. 2 hours by car to Trones. Website

A day at the fjords

Photo: Rune Nepås

Velfjord has 3 major fjords, and Velfjorden itself has 7 sidefjords. All are peaceful and clean fjords with good fishing. You can also see the remains of older settlements in some of the sidefjords. Night fishing is highly recommended as we have 24 hour light from mid-May to the end of July.

Rentals: Boats, canoes and kayaks

Hildurs Urterarium

Hildurs Urterarium
Photo from website

Do not miss this food-lover’s family restaurant, complete with the atmosphere only a 200 year old house can provide. The hosts welcome you into their own private home. The staff at Hildurs Urterarium are members of Norwegian Foodprints, and enthusiastic about the honest food. In March 2012, we became an Authorized Aquavit-bar by the Friends of the Norwegian. Within the farm there is also a farm shop, art gallery and a modern conference area, which in summer functions as a cafe. Bookings must be made and confirmed at the latest before 3 pm the day before.

From Hommelstø it takes app. 35 minutes by car to Hildurs Urterarium. Website