Nordland - Norway

Hommelstø - Velfjord centre

Right next to FV76, beetween Brønnøysund and E6 is the village Hommelstø, with cafe & pub, accomodation, gas station, grocery store, fast food, minibank, hardware store and post office.

Hommelstø - Velfjord Centre

Opening hours

COOP MARKED (Groceries)
Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 20.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 17.00


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Monday - friday: 08.00 - 17.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 14.00

Coop Marked Velfjord (Groceries)

Coop marked Velfjord

Besides groceries, Coop Marked Hommelstø has post office, salad bar, pharmacy goods, flowers, etc. Many customers are pleasantly surprised by the good range of products that you normally don't expect to find outside urban areas.

In 2004 Coop Marked moved from its old premises to Velfjordsenteret. After two years of operation, they won the award for the best Coop Marked in Trondheim region. The justification for this award were: A very good profit, Very good quality of service, Clean and tidy store, A complete S-market concept.

Statoil Service Hommelstø (Gas station)

Gas station

With its distinctive architecture, Statoil Hommelstø is an eye catcher along the road. At the opening in December 2008 Statoil Service was described as the most beautiful gas station in Norway.

The product range is wide and varied, a convenience store, fast food, snack, fishing gear and standard car-service products.

Persplassen Pub & Cafe

Persplassen cafe and pub

Persplassen is known for their Velfjord menus using local ingredients. Persplassen also offers catering and host most companies and events. Newly renovated, Persplassen stands out as very appealing. The building is built around the old house from 1926, where the timber walls are retained, giving the place a cozy and homely atmosphere. Easily visible and with good parking space, Persplassen is an excellent place to stop along the FV76 at Hommelstø.


Hommelstø Trelast (Hardware)

Hommelstø Trelast - Hardware

Hommelstø Trelast was established in the 90's. Headquartered in Hommelstø, but also has a branch at Vega. Hommelstø Trelast is a supplier of all type of building materials. They include the dealers Byggmakker, Norgeshus, Jernia and kitchens from Nygårds Trevarefabrikk.

Some of the projects they have done is Velfjord center, where the main office is located, the new gas station in Hommelstø and Velfjord Education Centre.