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Fishing in Velfjord, Norway

Velfjord is the perfect place for fishing enthusiasts. Hundreds of larger and smaller lakes, several salmon rivers, a large number of sea trout rivers, as well as the fjords "Velfjorden" (with its 7 sidefjords), and "Tosenfjorden" and "Ursfjorden". The accessability is particularly good: it takes less than a 20 minutes to reach all of these places. Most fishing licenses can be obtained at Statoil Service and Coop Marked in Hommelstø.

Note: Some rivers can be closed for salmon fishing at times, please check in advance

Fjordfishing at Velfjorden (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Fjordfishing at Velfjorden (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Salmon fishing at Sjøforsen (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Good catch of halibut (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Fishing in Velfjord summer nights are magical
  • Storbørja.
  • Fishing at Øvereidet. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Fjordfishing catch (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Fishing at Velfjorden
  • Fishing in the mountains near Breivasstinden (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Good catch. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Flyfishing in Storbørja (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Redfish (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Happy fisherman at Velfjordferie resort (Photo: Velfjordferie)
  • Redfish from Velfjorden (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Fishing in fairytale landscape (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Ice fishing. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Velfjorden

The fjords

The Velfjord area has 3 major fjords with many sidefjords. These smaller fjords are now mostly abandoned, but old buildings and schools stands still, and bear witness of earlier times. The fjord "Storbørja" is Brønnøy municipality's official entrance to Lomsdal-Visten National Park.

See video: Boat trip - Velfjorden

Velfjorden with 7 sidefjords

Photo: Fjordholdt Feriehus

Velfjorden looks a bit like a big hand, with its wide main fjord and seven sidefjords. Most of these sidefjords are uninhabited, or nearly uninhabited. The main fjord is about 20 km long. If you add the continuation, Langfjord, it's about 30 km. The other sidefjords are 2 to 6 km long. The depth is 400 meter at the deepest point. The bottom of the sea is very uneven and unsuitable for trawl and major professional fishing boats.

Operators - providers - services:
Fjordholt Feriehus

(Text: Velfjordferie)


Photo: Siri Nepås

Tosenfjorden is a wild and beautiful fjord with a variety of rock formations, sheltered bays and islands. It is also possible to fish for Salmon in the river Storelva. For fishing licenses contact Tosbotn Camping.

Tosenfjorden has a rich strain of fish, such as cod, pollock, redfish, catfish and halibut. Trolling for salmon and sea trout can also be an exciting experience. The best season for seatrout is early spring, while the season for salmon lasts until the end of August. It's also possible to fish for Herring from the end of August.



The Saus watershed has many lakes and rivers and really stands out with its beautiful scenery in the lowlands of Velfjord. With the abundant wildlife you are likely to see, moose wandering along the banks, and beavers that build on beaver huts. The lake Sausvatnet is 5 km2. and stretches about 10 km. and is the largest lake in the Velfjord area. It's a great lake for fishing, both for trout and salmon. An evening at Sausvatnet is magical, and you can get a good catch too.

NB! Pr. october 2014 it's not allowed to fish in the rivers. Salmon taken in the lakes must be released.