Nordland - Norway

Hiking in Norway - Aungrenda

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    July 2009/2014
The road from Austdalan
  • The road from Austdalan
  • Information about the different places along the road
  • Aunfjellet
  • A short break
  • Following the path
  • A bumble bee at work
  • The first of two bridges
  • Dyrmoen
  • Fjelldal
  • Food and beverages
  • The trip continues
  • The farm "Sanden"
  • Through trollforest
  • Remnants of old activity
  • The farm Lassienget
  • Over the next bridge
  • View towards the fjord "Langfjorden"
  • Flowers
  • The mountain "Kvennhatten" in the background
  • The lake Sausvatnet
  • Nerås
  • Horses
  • The lake Sausvatn and soon back where we began



Time spent: 2 hours
Start: Sausvatn
Lenght:12 km

Aungrenda, july 2009

"Aungrenda Rundt" is a well known organized hiking trip that takes place each year during Velfjord Days in late July. Since there is a marked trail it is also possible to go this route any time. In addition to a varied and magnificent scenery, Aungrenda Rundt also has a strong historical profile.

The hiking trip starts at Folkets Hus Community Center at Sausvatn app. 10 km. from Hommelstø. The marked trail runs along many old settlements, and one gets a glimpse of the everyday life and struggles in the outskirts of Norway.