Nordland - Norway

Hiking in Norway - Breivasstinden

  • Text/photos:
    Siri Nepås
  • Published:
    July 2007
Breivasstinden - 1224 m. Highest mountain in Brønnøy municipality
  • Breivasstinden - 1224 m. Highest mountain in Brønnøy municipality
  • Start from Bekkevold, close by Tosbotn
  • Crossing a river. (Foto: Ingjarl Nepås)
  • Camping by the lake called "506".
  • Some fish were caught
  • Studying the environment
  • Night fishing with a view to Breivasstinden
  • The fjord "Tosenfjorden"
  • A short break. (Foto: Ingjarl Nepås)
  • Reindeer
  • At the summit
  • At the summit



Time spent: 10-14 hours total
Start: Bekkevold. Tosbotn
Height: 1224 m
Lenght: 25 km total


10th of July 2007 we took the trip to the mountain "Breivasstinden" for the first time. There are no marked trails, and if you don't have a GPS or map and compass, you may want to ask a local guide before you set off. The trip is probably hard for the youngest children in the family, but if you are in a fairly good shape there shouldn't be any problems.

Any person in Velfjord and Brønnøy should take this trip, as it is the highest mountain in Brønnøy municipality. The mountain is 1224 meters above sea level, and the trip takes between 10-14 hours, depending on your walking pace. Those who prefer shorter hiking trips can set up a camps along the way, for example, at the lakes "506"or "Kaffevatnet" (Coffee Lake). This makes the ascent easier, and you get to spend even more time in the magnificent surroundings.

You can start the climb several places. We chose to start at Bekkevold - just before Tosbotn. Here there is a path one can follow until Bjønnstokkelva. On the trip up, we chose to cross Bjønnstokkelva just below the falls. The river is not very strife and deep, but it may be smart to bring an extra pair of shoes you can switch to after crossing river.

After crossing the river there's a fairly steep stretch to the lake (on the map only called) "506". On the way there, you have Bjønnstokkvatn lake on your left. Already at this point you can behold the majestic Breivasstinden in the distance. At the lake 506 the landscape changes somewhat. The environment is more enchanting and adventurous. There are many large, angular rocks in the steep mountain slopes. Even in the harsh, barren slopes, you can find beautiful mountain flowers.

From about 800 meters above sea level, there is snow and ice even in summer. On our trip the lake Kaffevatnet was frozen despite the blistering sun and heat in the middle of the summer. From the lake you go mostly on snow almost to the top. From the top you have almost endless views in all directions and to many municipalities. You can gaze at Grane, Hattfjelldal, Bindal, Sømna, Vega and Vevelstad.

Walking down you can save lots of time with a small sledge, but you can also slide fast on your feet if you let yourself off those beautiful slopes. In early spring you can also choose to go the whole trip on skis, which I will try next time. On the way down we decided to cross the river between Bjønnstokkvatn and the waterfall.

The trip is most warmly recommended, and you haven't seen Velfjord or Brønnøy until you have been at the summit of Breivasstinden!