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Hiking in Norway - Hommelstø skyline

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The mountain range. From the left: Råkfjellet - Råkhatten - Engelviktinden and Dalaunfjellet
  • The mountain range. From the left: Råkfjellet - Råkhatten - Engelviktinden and Dalaunfjellet
  • Looking back towards the dam at lake Svartvatnet
  • Pothole
  • The lake Storvatnet (Langvatnet) follows us along much of the trip
  • From Dalaunfjellet with Breivasstinden in the background. (Photo: Rune Nepås)
  • The mountains Visttindene
  • Looking back towards Øyrtinden
  • Hommelstø, where we began
  • From the top of Dalaunfjellet, Vega in the background
  • Langfjord
  • Nice terrain, in the background lake Sausvatnet and the mountains Kvennhatten, Tuvfjellet and Harangsfjellet
  • Climbing the last part of Engelviktinden
  • At the summit of Engelviktinden. (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Looking back towards Storvatnet (Langvatnet)
  • A short rest
  • Further up to Råkfjellet
  • Down a small glacier at Råkfjellet
  • Views towards Velfjorden from Råkfjellet
  • Descent to Råken along the ridge in the middle of the photo. Worse than it looks.
  • Back in Hommelstø



Time spent: 8 hours
Start: Langfjord
Dalaunfjellet: 800 m
Engelviktinden: 849 m
Råkfjellet: 884 m
Stop: Råken

Helicopter over the area Road description

Hommelstø Skyline

We had thought about it for a long time to walk across the mountain range that forms the "Hommelstø skyline" to the north-east, which consists of Dalaunfjellet (800 m), Engelviktinden (849 m.) and Råkfjellet (884 m). After a cold and rainy summer, we were handed 20 warm degrees and sunshine from a cloudless sky. We decided to take the tour. We were 4 people: 3 adults and one 11-year-old.

From Hommelstø it's about 13 km. to Langfjord Power Station, where the walk started. Before you reach the mountains it's pretty heavy climb up from the power station to the dam at the lake Svartvatnet. The power company has made a way up there, but it is not exactly designed for cars, hardly enough for tractors. This part is steep, and often wet and muddy. Up at the dam the terrain is much more easy to walk and after crossing the dry riverbed below the dam we began with the mountains.

With the mountain Øyrtinden towering behind us and scorching sun, we went up against Dalaunfjellet. The first peak of Dalaunfjellet is not visible from Hommelstø, and we didn't go up there, but walked this stretch straight forward to the first "real" top ", which is 790 meters high. From here, we can see the inner parts of Velfjord and the Vega Archipalago World Heritage out in the ocean. (At this point the youngest participant was in doubt whether he would manage the entire trip .. something unfounded as it turned out, he was clearly the fittest of us.) On Dalaunfjellet we also got a visit from a couple of eagles circling above us. We also saw grouse during the trip.

The final strech up to Engelviktinden is slightly steeper than the other peaks, but not in any way difficult, and although we gradually got better view of the Velfjorden as we went along Råkfjellet, Engelviktinden may be the highlight of the trip. Amazing view all the way.

Digital gadgets and descent to Råken

It seems like the Velfjord Mountains has cast a spell on modern digital gizmos. First one camera lost it's power, then one of two mobile phones we had went dead too. A second camera was lost on Råkfjellet, and the last working camera disappeared later on a school trip- before we got hold of the images, and the last working mobile phone fell to the ground, destroying the display. Therefore there are no pictures from the descent. We were nervous for a moment that we should not be able to call for boat transport, but luckily we managed to dial out with the latter phone. Although it was a bit further to walk, we found that it was best to arrange a time for pickup while at least one gadget was half functional.

The descent to Råken was surprisingly heavy and we spent an hour more than what we had intended when we ordered the boat. None of us had local knownledge of the area and we probably chose the wrong route down. We would probably have been better off going a little bit further to the next ridge, before walking down to Råken. After 7 hours of walking we were pretty tender in the legs already and after struggeling down the steep and rugged terrain of overgrown rocks and marshland, it must have been a peculiar sight that met the shuttle guy who had patiently waited for us. Four people like cut out of Monty Python's legendary "Ministry of Silly Walks".

Even if it was a bit troublesome towards the end, this was an amazing tour and warmly recommended. I will surely take the trip again, but then the other way and maybe try the other ridge up from Råken.