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Hiking in Norway - Hilstadfjellet

Mountain in Hommelstø with 360 degree view of the Velfjord area.

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    08.07. 2012
  • Hilstadfjellet
  • View from Hilstadfjellet. (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Hike begins at Klokkaråsen ski resort. Here is also an information board about the trip.
  • Passing the ski jump
  • A nice mountain in winter as well
  • Winter at Hilstadfjellet
  • After a while, you can choose between two paths. We went to the right.
  • View towards Nevernes and Storbørja, which is the entrance to Lomsdal-Visten National park
  • This cabin is for public use, and a short break here before we proceed.
  • A new cabin is under construction right next to the old one, and is now open for public use.
  • View towards Hommelstø, Bru and Strøm
  • Same view, winter
  • From the top there are fantastic views in all directions. Here we see the limestone quarry at Akselberg.
  • Rainstorm and sunset
  • Rainstorm and sunset
  • The cairn
  • Double rainbow over the cairn
  • March 2009 (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Winter
  • Winter
  • The mountain Andalshatten
  • Panoramic view of Velfjordens mountain range
  • Winter sunset
  • Winter
  • May 5th 2014
  • Hilstadfjellet



Time spent: 2 hours total
Start: Klokkaråsen
Height: 401 m.
Lenght: 2,6 km one way

Road description

360 degree view

Popularly this mountain is called "Hilstadfjellet", while on the map it is defined as Hilstadfjellet at 287 meter above sea level, and "Brattåsfjellet". Therefore the highest peak at Hilstadfjellet is Brattåsfjellet, with its 401 meters.

Hilstadfjellet has previously been a part of "Fjelltrimmen", (a local hiking event that consists of 10 mountains with marked trails) The marked trail starts in the ski resort in "Klokkaråsen", just above Hilstad school. The first part of the trail is fairly steep.

This part goes along a path in the woods and the view here is not the best, but when you come to the cabin however, the view is completely unbelievable. You gaze out to the fjords Velfjord, Ursfjorden and to Sømna. The cabin is for public use, and a great place to take a little break.

About Hilstadfjellet

The mountain Hilstadfjellet is an old skiing- and hiking destination in Hommelstø. In the 1960's a cabin was built here. There was a lot of forestry going on, and large areas were cut out and thus excellent for downhill racing. Especially in the winter there were many skiers and hikers up this small mountain, and for a time there were coffee sales here on Sundays.

From the summit you have a wonderful view, and you can also see parts of the famous lake Engavatnet, where both the lake and the fish disappears from time to time.