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Hiking and skiing in Norway - Sausfjellet

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    Siri Nepås
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Great skiing for the whole family at Sausfjellet
  • Great skiing for the whole family at Sausfjellet
  • From the top
  • View from Sausfjellet
  • View towards Velfjorden
  • View towards Sausvatn
  • Sausfjellet seen from Sausvatn


Sausfjellet / Sausheia

Start: Sausheia at Sausvatn
Height: 499 m

Skiing at Sausfjellet

Hiking and skiing at Sausfjellet / Sausheia

From Homelstø it's app. 10 km to the lake Sausvatnet. About 500 meters after you have passed the lake- turn to the right, after 50 meters turn left and take this road to Sausheia (app. 3 km).

The mountain Sausfjellet is a family friendly mountain both summer and winter. It's probably one of the best mountains in Velfjord for skiing. The trip takes between 1-3 hours. From the top you have views of Vassbygda, Tosen, Outer Velfjord and Brønnøy. It is also recommended to go further out on the mountain to get an even better view towards Sømna. For families with children, it's great skiing downhill.

You can also visit the lake Fuggelvatnet and Hongset. Just before you reach Sausheia is the lake Strauman, which is also a great area for hiking. In the winter you can cross the lakes Strauman - Djupgrundvatn - Bergshaugsvatn - Siristakkvatn - Sørstrauman (these are all connected) and further to the lake Godvatn and then to Govassli and lake Storvatnet. This area is also well suited for canoe paddlers.