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Experience nature in Velfjord, Norway

When it comes to outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, Velfjord really stands out. Between smaller and larger villages lies mountains, rivers, fjords, lakes and woodlands. Recently there has also been discovered a unique world of caves.

Sunset at Øyrtinden. (Photo: Knut Børge Strøm)
  • Sunset at Øyrtinden. (Photo: Knut Børge Strøm)
  • Moose family (Photo: Guide AS)
  • One of Velfjord's countless caves. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Canoes. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Fishing at Øvereidet. (Photo: Guide AS)
  • Small glacier at the mountain Råkfjellet. (Photo:
  • View from Salbuhatten. (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Skiing at Snøfjellet. (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • The mountain Andalshatten. (Photo:
  • Velfjorden (Photo:
  • Hiking at Breivasstinden. (Photo: Siri Nepås)
  • Storbørja - entrance to Lomsdal-Visten National Park (Photo:
  • Canoeing at lake Sausvatn. (Photo:
  • Øvereidet. (Photo: Bengt Hansen)

The diverse nature of Velfjord have made the area very attractive to anglers, hunters, skiers, photographers, hikers and other nature enthusiasts. It's certainly not all granted to be blessed with a National Park, a World Heritage area and perhaps the most beautiful part of Norway's coastline right outside the front door...

Fjords, rivers and lakes

The highly rugged landscape of Velfjord with its mountains and hills explains the many lakes. All in all, it is estimated about 350 lakes in the area. "Sausvatnet" is the largest lake and the 30 km long watershed "Sausvassdraget" is a unique area for outdoor activities. The rich animal life, both moose wandering along the banks, and beaver, which builds on the beaver huts, are very likely to see. To paddle the canoe down the lake day or night, without any annoying noise is pure medicine for the soul. For fishing and canoeing, Strauman is also worth mentioning. With its numerous small islets and islands, it is one of those rare beautiful places.

The main fjord- Velfjorden- is about 22 km long with 7 smaller fjords. These sidefjords varies in length from 2 to 6 km. At "Storbørja"- one of the branches to Velfjorden- you find the easiest entrance to Lomsdalen/Visten National Park. In addition to Velfjorden with its sidefjords, both "Tosenfjorden" and "Ursfjorden" are close nearby. These are beautiful and clean fjords with islands, sheltered bays and good fishing.

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Because of the high concentration of limestone in the area, Velfjord could possibly have what may be one the world's largest concentration of caves. The survey is not yet finished, but already now we know that the area is unique in Northern Europe. It is worth mentioning "The Gold Cave" which was discovered in the summer of 2008, where about 700 meters is explored. The Golden Cave has walls with many square feet of coating that shines like gold, when you light at it.

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A circle of mountains with partly very high peaks is surrounding Velfjord. Here you find everything from gentle mountain ranges to the torn and wild landscapes. The variation in the terrain is as made for hiking. You can with ease plan shorter familytrips or longer and more challenging adventures. Many mountains have marked trails. On the north side of "Breivasstinden" - which is Brønnøy Municipality's highest mountain (1224 m.) - and on the east side of "Lauvasstinden" there are some smaller glaciers.

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Norwegian Woods

Large forest areas in Helgeland and Velfjord can almost appear to be virgin forest, but with a closer look, we can see traces of much activity in the past. Such discoveries gives us an insight into our ancestors' struggle for existence. Forestry in Velfjord has a substantial history. It has been- and still is - a good forestry in the area. Christmas Trees from Velfjord is also a familiar concept.

Since the forests and landscapes of Velfjord are so diverse, we can in a short amount of time travel through sections that looks like the deep woods of East-Norway, the West-Norwegian fjord landscape, the Mid-Norwegian coastforest and the North-Norwegian mountains. All of them put together in one, like a Norway in miniatyre.

Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Lomsdal / Visten National Park (Njaarken vaarjelimmiedajve) has many attractions:
Strompdal Nature Reserve - The remains of Knut Strompdal garden at Strompdal farm - Breivass falls - view towards Lomselva on the way up to Medheia - the idyllic lake Lower Breivatnet - The area at and around Lomsdal Farm - The waterfall Gardfossen next to Lomsdal Farm - the wild and beautiful valley Grunnvassdalen.

"Here you'll find everything that nature can offer - the most barren, the lovliest, the most quiet and the most dramatic scenery. Words like magnificent, deserted and wild, quiet and simple can be used of the Lomsdalen area. And yet - words are inadequate". (From the book "Det gjemte landet" by Arvid Sveli)

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Engavatnet - the mysterious lake

Engavatnet is a natural phenomenon which is unique in the in the world. The lake has in the past caused fear, and still today researchers have a hard time explaining the phenomenon. The lake, measuring approx. 600 x 150 meter, is apparently like most other lakes, until it suddenly disappears for then to reappear, a few days- or a few weeks or maybe a few months later, apparently with fish and everything.

Engavatnet is situated a few kilometres north of Hommelstø between the farms Hegge and Brattås. If you are visiting the area, there is probably nothing that will suggest that there is something out of the ordinary going on here, unless you are lucky enough to witness the disappearing. But most likely you will either find a lake here... or you will find the bottom of a lake.

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